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  1. Great lyrics and vocal performance. Would be nice to add background vocals and harmony, for even more Hotel California feel.

    How can I be the only one commenting on this song??? This should have gone viral.

    • Thank you, ongho, for your assessment of virality. My blog flies mostly under the radar. I don’t particularly promote it (yet) and I’m not on much social media (yet). I will be back on social media soon.

      As for adding backing vocals and “Hotel California” harmonizing, I agree. My singer friend who performed the demo is working with a producer to get additional vocal tracks.

    • You are most welcome, Claire.

      My musician friend, who wished to remain anonymous, sang with intelligence and heart. The clever comes from keeping the same syllabic structure as the original, altering a minimal number of words, retaining the vowels in the replacement words… and then having the end result sound natural and not be gibberish.

  2. Very good, Ned. Parodies are my (and DC Dave’s) specialty. I try to mimic the original singers, but I’m not very good.

    I’ve even done one taken from The Eagles “Lyin’ Eyes” called “Bidenized”.

    Anything related to covid gets deleted at Youtube (, but appears safe at Bitchute.

    Check out “What a Miserable World”

    Or one dedicated to Moderna called “Moderna” based from Tom Jones’ “Delilah”

    Or maybe “Vaccines” parody derived from Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine”:

    • Thank you, BuelahMan, so good to hear from another parody writer. I will check out all the songs you linked and get back to you.

      — update —

      Wow, your parodies are fantastic, well written, smart. I especially liked Vaccines (Cocaine) and Moderna. “What a miserable world” broke my heart, but I feel like it was the most powerful and moving of all your songs.

      Keep up the good work and keep me posted.

  3. This is an excellent version. You have done outstanding craftsmanship of lyric substitution. If the Eagles are not brave enough to stand up for humanity, perhaps Weird Al Yankovic would do the honours. Regardless, your singer friend has done a great job too. 💜 from Australia (the USA’s other colony 🙄😒😭😞

    • Thank you, Trinity, for your appreciation of craftsmanship with the writing and singing. It’s my imagiNed fantasy that the Eagles would perform this version, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. And 50 years ago I thought the original lyrics were on the eerie side!
    Little did I know.
    Great adaptation and I love the somewhat strained, breathy voice of the singer…fits right in.
    Thanks for creating this awesome version even if the subject matter is depressing.
    I enjoyed it!

    • Good observation, Dana, about the “eerie” feel of the original lyrics. That same feel applies well to everything eerie about this pandemic.

      • It sure does and you recaptured it even more so with the “updated” lyrics.
        Thanks to Dr. Malone for featuring your work!

  5. WOW; this is fantastic! FYI, Dr. Robert Malone just featured this in his blog (that’s why I am here), so you are about to go viral, deservedly so :-)
    I am posting this on all my social media channels and I am sure many others reading his blog with do so as well.
    Godspeed in your work!

    • Thank you, Norbert. I recently posted a few lines of the Hotel Paranoia lyrics as a comment on one of Dr. Malone’s articles. He contacted me yesterday about putting the song in his Sunday column. I’m blown away by Dr. Malone’s effusive praise. Yes, please share. I think it’s a well-crafted rewrite that echoes the dark energy of the original song.

    • Yes, Betty, using as many as possible of the original lyrics anchors this rewrite in the dark energy of the iconic original.

  6. Thank you! I hope and pray this does go “viral!” This is truly excellent! What an appropriate artistic expression of the Truth! May it open up the sleeping minds of otherwise “brain dead” Americans! Thank you for the hard work that this piece represents. I am looking forward to any and all versions that you may work on as “enhancements.” However, this “original” is just the best! Wake up America! The water is almost boiling! Walk the path of independent thought! Don’t allow consensus reality to be your “religion!” Just say’in.

    • Thank you, Marietta, for your appreciation of the message in this song. May it be well-heeded, as you suggest.

  7. Hotel C was one of my all time faves but I think that you have just replaced it. What a magnificent song and a treasure of a singer… both are certain to make this a zinger. Wishing you all much success and I suppose we have to say thanks for your recreation of the past couple of years of our lives. Best wishes…

    • Thank you, Cybermom. I was so fortunate to have a singer/musician friend sing the song so skillfully. Just reading the rewritten lyrics would have nowhere the same impact. Yes, Hotel Paranoia does encapsulate these last few years. Sigh.

  8. Hey Ned – discovered your artistry and brilliant wit from Robert Malone’s shout out on the weekend. Love your vids and especially the parody. Kudos to your vocalist friend. Cheers from Vancouver Island…

    • Hey Dennis, cheers back to Vancouver Island. Thank you for liking my other videos as well. It’s a mixed bag of quips and concepts here at I’m please to have your appreciation.

  9. Excellent parody! Somehow this will rocket into public awareness during California’s next elections – watch for your chance to insert it somewhere, at an inspired moment…

  10. Awesome arrangement, Ned! I agree some background vocals would be a great addition. Being from that generation of music, and now find myself among those fighting for our lives in the world. I find this a particularly important piece to share. I got this song via Robert Malone’s newsletter. I immediately shared it with some like-minded (I am blessed to have some!!!) friends and family. Thank you for this wonderful song!

    • Thank you, Phyliss, this demo version (with the karaoke backing track) was to give people (musicians) an idea of what the lyrics would sound like. I agree with you that the message is particularly important, so I put out a recording with the best production resources I could muster.

  11. Thank you, Ned! Brilliant – a clever way to undermine the huge fear machine that has enslaved the masses of ignorant people! Thomas Jefferson said that freedom cannot coexist with ignorance. I feel sorry for people who still muzzle themselves and refuse to shake hands.

  12. Dear Ned….absolutely wonderful!!! The beautiful way you put it together, the words, the sentences, so alike and flowing and the same eerie, uneasy feelings they produce. The singer brings that out beautifully! I am the mother of three daughters who were playing The Eagles loud and often and I started to love their music too. I still have tapes and records from them! You made a wonderful song into a much needed, strong and impressive message for our moment in time. I hope The Eagles will sing it! I found you on Dr. Malone’s site and I am grateful to him and to you!

    • Thank you, Hermine, for your heartfelt, appreciative comment. Even more, thank you for noticing how the composition creates a mood, an eerie atmosphere. Bless you and come visit this site often, I hope to continue to delight you.

    • “Weird Al” Yankovic is known for satirical humor in his parodies. I wanted Hotel Paranoia to be more thought-provoking than laugh-provoking. There is still humor there, but it comes from the characterizations being so spot-on. Yes, Janice, you may post on Facebook or anywhere. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Carolan, I agree that satire and humor, blended in the right proportions, are most effective.

  13. Ned, I listened to your sensational song while I was flying at an altitude of 13,000 ft, I am sure the heavens heard it too !

    • That’s amazing! You, Sky Writer, must be a private pilot. I’m thrilled you were able to play the song while flying. (Is that what’s known as giving a song “air time?”)

  14. I have been an Eagles fan since the 70’s and think your rewrite in the name of Medical Freedom is brilliant. Thank you for sharing your creativity. Dr. Malone has been one of my Medical Freedom Warriors throughout the scamdemic and for you to connect with him this way is truly awesome. Those of us who know Truth must keep speaking out and thus hopefully waking up others to what is really happening.

  15. I paint the skies with political messages like this one for Tommy Robinson when he was jailed in the UK, Renford Charles was the one behind the music.

    Do you know all letters are done while flying upside down?

    PS – I am STILL sharing your song on all my social media sites, people just love it, so keep up the good work !!!!!

  16. WHAT A GREAT SONG! NED! I didn’t know this was your song! I heard it a while back and just got the email from you and Malone! WOW This is so great, you deserve this standing ovation. We can ALL relate to this horrible dystopia that’s happening, you captured it so well! Thank you for your work and for sharing your gift with the world. We love you NED! ~Soul Seekers at DARE To Be Different
    💜 Serenity & Heather

    • Thank you, Serenity, for your enthusiastic response to the Hotel Paranoia song. I’ve shared it with different Soul Seekers at the DARE gatherings, so that’s likely where you heard it previously. I was the anonymous author for a while. I’m pleased that you can now make the connection. 💜

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