This is the best blog I could ever have. –imagiNed.
This is the best blog I could ever have imagined:

Reflecting Jesus

Statue of Jesus photographed in a thrift store window and made into a meme

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Earth's shadow kissed the moon this morning.

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Google Chinese Take Out

I typed "Chinese Take Out" into Google and got a list of Asian dating services.

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Imagine: The Fool, The Priest and The Magician – Ned’s Birthday Fable

Ned's meditation on manifestation: “Imagine living the life you imagined” is the magic of the magician. We have creative influence in our lives. Will I imagine living the life I imagined? Now is an extremely auspicious time, always.

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My Year of Living Strangerously

You know the feeling: like being in a leaky lifeboat, adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

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Announcing (yet another) redesign of the website

More … Ned agitates for Peace and Justice

Creative agitation for political change, my new website:

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imagiNed Web Design Portfolio Website

Announcing a redesign of my web design portfolio site. Web design posts used to be in this blog, until I split them off to their own site.

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“Uncommonly Creative” Compliments Creative Commons and Copyright

Copyright gives the creator exclusive rights. Creative Commons licenses facilitate sharing created works. Uncommonly Creative identifies works of exceptional originality.

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The Ant and the Grasshopper and the Bee (and me)

I have always been much more like the grasshopper than the ant in Aesop’s fable.

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April Fool’s Day – two weeks away and I’m splitting

Splitting my personality into two websites: and

More … got “re-imagiNed” as well

Completed marketing makeover on my site

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