This is the best blog I could ever have. –imagiNed.
This is the best blog I could ever have imagined:

Vampire Beatles

Cover art for a pulp novel with The Beatles as vampires.

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Keep the dream wet

It’s not enough to “Keep the dream alive.” You also have to keep it wet.

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MANAGEMENT TIP: Even a COG works better with reCOGnigition.

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Awaiting the Avalanche

Snowflakes of insight accumulate, awaiting the avalanche of enlightenment.

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Reflecting Jesus

Statue of Jesus photographed in a thrift store window and made into a meme.

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Earth's shadow kissed the moon this morning.

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Google Chinese Take Out

I typed "Chinese Take Out" into Google and got a list of Asian dating services.

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Imagine: The Fool, The Priest and The Magician – Ned’s Birthday Fable

Ned's meditation on manifestation: “Imagine living the life you imagined” is the magic of the magician. We have creative influence in our lives. Will I imagine living the life I imagined? Now is an extremely auspicious time, always.

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My Year of Living Strangerously

You know the feeling: like being in a leaky lifeboat, adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

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Announcing (yet another) redesign of the website

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