My Spirit Bear — 7 Comments

  1. Maybe Spirit Bear is planning some positive moves and coming out of hibernation?
    He needs a hug! Take him to your happy home, beginning today.

    • You are exactly right, dear Kata! Spring is just around the corner and Spirit Bear anticipates springing into action, dancing his way through the rest of his days.

      Spirit Bear sends you his personal thank you for not having to forever be “dispirited bear.”

      A pink-tinged, washed out teddy bear slumps at the base of a tree trunk in the setting sun.

  2. It is interesting that you imagined your own spirit embodied in this teddy bear. I do not see him as forlorn, though….Like the velveteen rabbit, I feel that he was and is loved very well. He was carefully placed to sit next to this powerfully loving, beautiful tree….Your mind is so active…so creative, Brilliant, Ned : )

    By the way, where did you find Spirit Bear and Tree?

    love, your friend and admirer, Lori

    • Thank you, Lori, I blush at being called brilliant.

      I found the bear on the grounds of the Community Church of Sebastopol. He is/was facing away from the street, hidden behind the tree trunk. You would not notice him unless you walked around the tree (which I did to photograph some flowers).

      Yes, Velveteen Rabbit forever has a place in my heart.

  3. Well, Neddie, I just hope and pray that the bear is in a good place/home.
    I was thinking that I should have encouraged you to take him home.
    Maybe he is a free spirit and happy out in God’s country?

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