Happy New Year 2021 – Poem and Postcard — 5 Comments

      • Oh Ned… it’s SO great to re-connect after all these years. I hope you’re feeling better, taking extra good care of yourself, going at it slow and easy, no rush / no pressure.

        Whatever your life’s mission is, you need to let it happen. Just open your arms wide, breathe, smile, and fly, baby, FLY.

        (((HUGE HUG)))

  1. It’s fabulous to see you smiling.
    I know this year will be a new beginning for you.
    Only keep the past memories to help you reflect.
    Dust off the cobwebs and look toward the sun.
    You’ve only just begun.

    • Thank you so much, Tangerine. It’s good to see you here. Keep returning, I have high expectations for increasing my creative content in 2021.

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