Good Friday Coronavirus at Calvary — 8 Comments

  1. Unbelievable Ned !!!
    I love it and will share
    Love you and Frances
    Please give her a hug and kiss
    And a hug and kiss from me to you

  2. Dear Ned:
    Thank you for the gift of your artwork this Resurrection season.
    I’ve viewed it several times and read your efforts to produce this masterpiece.
    It reminded me that there’s been a struggle for “the crown” … and you’ve focused us on the fact that this demonic crown is under the feet of Jesus.
    I know that Frances has crowned Him King over her life.
    Blessings, Bev

    • Yes, Bev, “corona” and “crown” come from the same word root. Indeed, I had considered making a “crown of thorns,” replacing the thorn points with coronavirus spikes. Yes, Frances (my mom) has been devout over her entire life.

  3. Jesus and Dali would have understood the meaning and message of your artwork.
    I admire how you capture the essence and sadness of Jesus’ crown and the coronavirus spikes . . . hurtful and sad thorns.
    Wishing that life will be better and missing your Dear Mama.
    Love you, ~Kata

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