Artist on Acid Sees Surreal Scene Behind Easel — 2 Comments

  1. Howdy, Ned – Hey, this is quite a magical rabbit-hole you have here. It’ll take me some time to wind my way through it, but I’m certainly looking forward to the time well spent. Many thanks to Robin for getting us all together, and PeaceTown was a real hoot on this particular Wednesday. Cool to get to know you. More soon ~ Cam

  2. Hey there, Cam, yes hanging out at PeaceTown was fortuitous. I’d heard you were an illustrator and an artist, so unsurprisingly, you commented on this post: Artist on acid sees surreal scene.

    Then I go to your website and am blown away by the imagery, exquisitely conceived and rendered. Dude, you are totally talented and totally twisted (in a good way, i.e. transcendently creative)

    Hey, anyone reading this comment thread, seriously go to Cam’s website and browse around. Use this link as a wormhole to Cam’s own magical rabbit hole, deeper, darker and even more imaginative than mine:

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