Are You Tryin’ To Be Mayan? — 5 Comments

  1. great video,This is just my opinion about what might of haeppn to the maya people.The time of darkness and conquerors could have very well been spain with the arrival of the conquistadors.I believe they were all murdered and robbed for thier GOLD needed for frances king louis XIV (sun god)palaces,Big remodeling projects going on at that time.OH and(spain) king carlos historical foot print tour year 2000 at panamal canal regions treaty hand over saying i’m back! and up to NO GOOD.

  2. There have been a lot of theories for what accounted for such cycles, with climate among the most-mentioned. The better the year-to-year weather — with plenty of rainfall and reasonably steady and predictable temperatures — the better crops do, and the more the culture and economy can expand. The texts have hinted at declines in productivity, perhaps climate-related, coinciding with generations of unrest, but there was never a precise way to confirm those writings. Analysis of lake sediments can yield a reliable reading of the levels of sulfur, oxygen isotopes and other atmospheric markers at various points in history, which reveal a lot about rainfall and other critical variables. But the Mayans themselves often unwittingly disturbed those sediments, with deforestation — including wide-scale burnings — and fishing.

    • Sorry but the MAYAS didn`t do this all, they got some help by the FALLEN ONES also known as GODS > reptilian laeifcriun entities > the FLYING SERPENT GOD = higher interdimensional godlike beings with great wisdom enormous power to levitiate stones up to 2 000 tonnes !!!! all ancient stone monuments structures were never built by humans around the whole world but by the SERPENT

  3. This is just like the sun crossing the dark rift. At the middle of the crossing, your eye is perfectly lined up with your finger and your thumb. While this lineup is real, it is an illusion that your finger moves across your thumb; only your eye is moving, not your finger. So it is with the galactic rebirth of the sun; only the earth is moving, not the sun. Since this point is so important and so often misunderstood, I want to be perfectly clear: the sun does not actually cross the dark rift, it only appears to do so from our viewpoint on earth. But it is this viewpoint that gives us our experience and it is our experience that is so important to us!

  4. Some people go as far as to say that Nostradamus predicted the Kennedy shootings, the rise of the Nazi’s (with Hitler as their leader), World War I and II, and the French Revolution. Many believe that he has also predicted much more, but these are just some of the ideas that he is most well known for.

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