Who is imagiNed?

“Such a visionary….always on the edge!” – Kata Patton, Central CA
— unsolicited kudo from regular reader, Jan-2010

Headshot of Ned over black and white yin-yang circle, the whole thing set on a black and white checkerboard grid stretching off in the distance.
Bipolar self-portrait of a man with a checkered past


Ned's headshot, over the yin-yang symbol, repeated three times in a horizontal row.
Not only is he a character,
he’s quite a few characters.

In The April of the Fool, I say:

Expect from me in this month of April that I will create content and characters like crazy. From the imagination of imagiNed will spring multiple personalities and personas. Yes, there will be a veritable Easter Parade of imaginary characters, my imaginary friends. Let me remind you that it’s perfectly OK to have imaginary friends, but having imaginary enemies means you’re paranoid.

up the Yin-Yang?

Ned's headshot over the yin-yang symbol next to the words: imagination up the yin-yang
Yep, lodged way up in there.

I’m a creative guy. I call myself a “Conceptual Artist” because much of my artistry never gets beyond the conceptual phase and, for a conceptual artist, apparently, that’s good enough.

I’m a make-up artist: I make things up. I like to play with words and imagination. I have flaws. This site should have been finished years ago if not for a psychological affliction which left me with an undetectable work ethic. (hyperbole (barely))

More to come …

imagiNed sure is brainy

Left-Brain Ned

Ned Buratovich wearing Story Teller T-shirt and holding a microphone, expounding on something or other.
Ned Buratovich of imagiNed.com

Right-Brain Ned

Photo of Ned wearing his "I Found This Humerus (underlined with the image of the arm bone)" T-shirt AND a goofy expression, tongue out and askew, quizzical glance upward at the imagiNed.com logo in the upper right corner.
Ned Buratovich of imagiNed.com