Be prepared to be assaulted by ideas, peppered with puns.

Welcome to a Work in Progress

You’d be amazed at what goes through my mind. I have my idiosyncratic way of seeing and saying things. Flights of fancy, works of whimsy, Ned’s nebulous (or notorious) notions. All that amazing stuff goes through my mind…

As much of it as possible I intend to publish here. There’s a lifetime’s worth of “Conceptual Artistry” to be shared and I’m just getting started.

Approximate percentage completion as of July 2020:


What’s already here is worth your while, so explore with a sense of delight and anticipation at what is yet to come.

… and while you’re at it, why not …

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OK, that’s about all the orientation I think you need. Use the menus, the search bar, the archive pages to find what fascinates you. Your comments are always welcome. Your sharing of any or all of my work is graciously appreciated.

During these days of COVID-19, we are all on alert, sussing out the lessons to be learned. Lessons can be learned best, I believe, with laughter, even in a time of tears. Those little bits of laughter – I’ll do my best to bring them about. Join me on the journey if you wish. All are invited, all are welcomed.


The Quipsy-Quote Card Collection