Be prepared to be assaulted by ideas, peppered with puns.

Welcome to a Work in Progress

You’d be amazed at what goes through my mind. I have my idiosyncratic way of seeing and saying things. Flights of fancy, works of whimsy, Ned’s nebulous (or notorious) notions. All that amazing stuff goes through my mind…

As much of it as possible I intend to publish here. There’s a lifetime’s worth of “Conceptual Artistry” to be shared and I’m just getting started.

Percentage completed as of July 2024:


The 400+ posts already here are worth your while, so explore with a sense of delight and anticipation for what is yet to come.

… and while you’re at it, why not …

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During these days of COVID-19, we are all on alert for the lessons to be learned. Lessons can be learned best, I believe, with laughter, even in times of tears. Those little bits of laughter – I’ll do my best to bring them about. Join me on the journey if you wish. All are invited, all are welcomed.

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VidBits: Short Videos

Introducing VidBits: short-form TikTok-type vertical videos of concepts, ranging from brainy to zany.

Bite-sized videos, perfect for snacking and sharing with friends… or, if you’re by yourself, binge on the whole box, on the couch with your phone.

To get a taste, watch the highlight video with snips of my best bits here:

… and/or …


The Quipsy-Quote Card Collection

Assortment of Quipsy-Quote Cards, some hard copy, some on various device screens laid out on a wooden table

Accolades for the
Quipsy-Quote Card Collection

I love it! Clever, alliterative, brain and tongue twisting, inspirational, humorous and always filled with delightful surprises! Ned always delivers more than you could ever expect.

— Catherine Grillos, Singer, Actress, Entertainer


Smartsy-Artsy Postcards

Not just “Artsy” but “Smartsy-Artsy”

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View selected Postcards in galleries below:

Smartsy-Artsy Postcards ~ Portrait Orientation

Smartsy-Artsy Postcards ~ Landscape Orientation

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Ned Buratovich wearing Oriental dragon print shirt, standing in front of nightclub stage curtain, hands in pockets, with a steady gaze, under a neon sign saying: - Makes You Think.
Ned Buratovich wearing Oriental dragon print shirt, standing in front of nightclub stage curtain, hands in pockets, laughing with head thrown back, under a neon sign saying: - Makes You Laugh.

Imagine what you could imagine if you could imagine what you couldn’t imagine.
That’s unimaginable!