April 1st, 2020 = imagiNed.com Grand Re-opening

An electron microscope image of the spiky coronavirus covers the bottom-left corner of a photograph of completely empty supermarket shelves, eight feet tall, going back fifty feet in distance.
Supermarket shelves cleared by Coronavirus panic buying

Mid-Pandemic Product Launch

April 1st, 2020 was to have been the opening date for my revamped imagiNed.com website. For a humor blog, April Fool’s is a great day for a grand opening, or so it seemed some months ago.

Now, the day has come, and it’s no joke. On this day, societies around the world are in unprecedented crisis. The months leading up to this COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic have been increasingly disruptive, hence this website is nowhere near ready for launch. Even if it were, The situation is so serious that the introduction of light-hearted, silly material might seem inappropriate, or at least tone-deaf.

The site’s not completely ready. People are preoccupied, panicked. Not gonna get much mindshare doing a product introduction during a disaster. All good reasons to POSTPONE, CANCEL, THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME.

Yet, my inner voice (my intuition, my imagination – this is imagined.com,  after all) tells me that this is EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME to reintroduce imagined.com. In this time of imposed isolation, the world (“the world” – Hah! probably just a few friends at best) might welcome my quasi-cosmic, cutesy / quirky style of humor.

Photo of Ned wearing his "I Found This Humerus (underlined with the image of the arm bone)" T-shirt AND a goofy expression, tongue out and askew, quizzical glance upward at the imagiNed.com logo in the upper right corner.
Ned / imagiNed

No matter that there’s not much of that humorous material posted to this site yet. Even that shortcoming resonates with our current situation: the shelves are there, but they are mostly empty. Let’s all eagerly anticipate an abundant resupply.

All around, there are parallels to be drawn, metaphors to be made, lessons to be learned. Lessons can be learned best, I believe, with laughter, even in a time of tears. Those little bits of laughter, I’ll do my best to bring them about. Join me on the journey if you wish. All are invited, all are welcomed.


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Business card for imagiNed.com picturing Ned's head with a sight-gag arrow going through it and the words: You'd be amazed at what goes through my mind.
You’d be amazed at what goes through my mind.

As soon as this site is ready…
be prepared to be assaulted by ideas, peppered with puns.

MAY 2020

(still, sigh)

Coding and technical upgrades:


Uploading of additional content:


When it’s done,

you’ll have fun.

I promise.

Meanwhile, to ameliorate …

any pandemic induced anxiety,

soothe yourself with suggested calming content:

Four Horses Grazing Peacefully at Dusk

Four Horses Grazing Peacefully at Dusk

90-second video of four horses grazing by the side of the road in a large field at dusk.

Watch Kitty Breathe and Relax

Watch Kitty Breathe and Relax

An Abyssinian cat lies curled up on a circular stepping stone in complete repose, breathing peacefully. This is not an action video, this is a calming video.

Christmas Carousel and Crochet

Christmas Carousel and Crochet

Overhead dolly shot of a Christmastime table setting with music box soundtrack.

Gallery of Favorite Flower Photos

Gallery of Favorite Flower Photos

Photographs of flowers from my gardens or the grounds around them, taken over the last few years, collected here for your enjoyment.

Backdated “Retro-Postings”

There is a huge backlog of content, some of it previously posted elsewhere, most of it created (or partially created) previously, but not posted at the time, that I am adding to this blog. (Re-stocking the empty shelves, to continue my metaphor from above.)

Even though I’m adding those posts in April 2020, I’m setting their “posted on” date to be the date of their original posting or creation.

Then, how will you know what’s been newly added? Well, you could subscribe to the “Deliver My Delight” mailings, on the footer of every page. Or, you could check in here, where, for the time being, I will list all the newly added backdated posts.