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When it’s done,

You’ll have fun.

I promise.

As soon as this site is ready…
be prepared to be assaulted with ideas, peppered with puns.

I’m going to start telling people that I’m a make-up artist, just because I like to make things up.
–  Ned “imagiNed” Buratovich

Yeah, I just made that up, but here’s what’s real: it taking me FOREVER to get any work done on this site. Crap, it’s been years since I updated it. Hey peeps, let’s hope 2016 is the year we “get ‘er done.”


or just enjoy 

Ned’s Twitter Bird Droppings:

  • "Opportunity favors the prepared," as the saying goes, unless you missed it, in which case, "opportunity flavors the despaired."
  • So much of "luck" is actually skill, honed by persistence.
  • Semiotics is not half idiotic.
  • Space aliens use anal probes for Close Encounters of the Turd Kind
  • About our doubtfulness, we have no doubt.
  • Abstinence makes the tart grow blonder.
  • After I had my lobotomy, I ceased to care what they thought of me.
  • Looking at the bigger picture leaves me wide-eyed with wonder.
  • : the website for people who want to cheat... on their income taxes.